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Real Name: Marcus Obie
Age: 31.12.1969 (48 years)
Status: offline
Gender: male
Location: USA Colorado Springs
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Clan / Equipment
Clan: Frags Per Second (F/S) (HP: http://fragspersec.com)
Irc-Channel: FPS
Clan-History: FPS Since Day 1
CPU: AMD 8350 Black Edition OC @4.3
Mainboard: GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3P AM3+
RAM: 8 GB OC Corsair Vengeance 9-9-9-24
Monitor: QNIX 2710Real144Mhz
Graphics card: ASUS OC STRIX 8 GB 1070 GTX
Soundcard: On-Board
I-Connection: XFinity BLAST! 250 Mbps
Keyboard: VIPER! Mechnical KB Patriot V760 RBG
Mouse: Steel Series : Sensei Raw
Mousepad: Roccat: Taito Control
I' love to play games and stream and work on the community while meeting the wonderful people who help make this what it is.

•Alias/IGN: Jedi, JediObie, Soc1e7y, obiewan

•Sponsors: Frags Per Second

•Age: 27

•Location: Colorado Springs, CO

•Favourite Games: Overwatch, PlayerUnknown Battleground, H1z1 Rust and CS:GO

•Region: North America